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Dietary supplement

Euterpe are tall, slender palm trees with many offshoots, that are native to South America and the Antilles. The fruit flesh is used to make tasty drinks, and its terminal buds are used as a cabbage. Among the most well-known and used is Euterpe oleracea – Açaí palm. It grows to 25 metres and bears about 20 kg of fruits, which are similar to blueberries. They are dark blue due to natural substance anthocyanin, and their taste and smell resembles that of a cocoa. Antioxidant activity was tested and it was ascertained that its ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) ranks among the highest ones, i.e. the ability to absorb free oxygen radicals. Açaí is popular with the native inhabitants, who use it to increase their physical and mental activity.
Noni is an antioxidant. It increases natural immunity and contributes to mental and physical performance.
There are plenty Lycium species on Earth. Some of them grow in Asia, others in America and some can be found in Europe. Not all of them, however, can be used as food. The species with the best quality and the most nutritious fruits is cultivated in the Chinese province of Ningxia. The first person ever to use the Latin name Lycium barbarum was Swedish natural scientist Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778). He used it in his book The Species of Plants (Species Plantarum) published around 1750.
Myrciaria dubia, commonly known as camu camu is a small bushy feathery evergreen tree. Camu camu cherry-like fruits are in groups. They are, however, bigger in size. Camu camu berries are juicy and really sour, the colour is usually red, yellow or white. Camu camu is native to the Amazon rainforest and flooded areas. In America, camu camu is renowned for being a vitamin bomb. Nowadays it is imported even to Europe.
Aloe vera is a source of naturally occurring antioxidants, which help protect cells and tissues against free radicals; helps improve antioxidant capacity and participate in immunity in this way. It contributes to maintain normal bowel function, bowel movements; it supports proper digestion and regular elimination. It participates in mental strain resistance and has a positive effect on weariness and exhaustion. It helps maintain normal blood glucose levels. It helps maintain healthy skin appearance, regulates normal blood glucose levels and helps detox your body. It is good for your physical and mental fitness and immunity system.
MangosteenGarcinia mangostana – originated in Indonesia; however, it has spread to most tropical countries by now on all continents. It is grown for its delicious fruits. It is also highly popular in traditional Chinese medicine. Currently, it is being researched in pharmaceutics as it may be used to treat HIV.

Recommended dosage
15 ml 2× a day.
Refrigerate after opening.

Contents (30 ml): Filtered Water; Organic Apple Juice Concentrate 3.900 mg; Organic Noni Puree 1.200 mg; Organic Açaí Juice 1.200 mg; Organic Mangosteen Puree 550 mg; Citric Acid; Organic Goji Concentrate 120 mg; Organic Camu Camu Powder 60 mg; Natural Goji Flavor; Organic Maqui Powder 30 mg; Organic Aloe Vera Powder 30 mg; Pectin; Organic Guar Gum; Natural Mangosteen Flavor; Potassium Sorbate.
Remark for products containing extracs: In the interest of easier orientation in the quantities of the active ingredients in extracts we indicate their actual (original) amount.

It is designed for children over 3 years of age.

500 ml

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)
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