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Detoxifying gel of white color, tasteless and odorless, without any side effects, ensures complete cleansing of the body.

diarrhea, heartburn, body detoxification, digestion


white detoxifying gel, tasteless and odorless, without any side effects, ensures a complete cleansing of the body.

Among the main factors that reduce the body's resistance is the accumulation of waste substances, and therefore it is important that a person regularly detoxifies and thus prevents health problems. Waste accumulates in the intestines, blood, blood vessels, joint cartilage, simply everywhere, including the lymphatic system and skin.
By using Sanogel, hard deposits can be removed from the intestines without damaging the intestinal mucosa and microflora.
By detoxifying with Sanogel, the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and lymphatic system perform their functions better because they no longer have the problem of dealing with waste disposal. The body is perfectly cleansed internally and regenerates better.

Prevention of health problems:

     Gastroenterology: protects the stomach and intestinal mucosa, regulates peristalsis (heartburn, stomach ulcers, acute gastritis, celiac disease - gluten allergy)
     Diabetology: helps stabilize sugars in diabetics, reduces the side effects of drugs, helps regenerate the pancreas
     Toxicology: quick and effective removal of toxins from the body (food, drug, alcohol poisoning)
     Pulmonology: atopic and infectious-allergic bronchial asthma
     Immunology: detoxification strengthens the effect of preparations to strengthen the body's defenses
     Infectious medicine: supports the excretion of products of incomplete metabolism (important in diseases such as jaundice, salmonellosis, dysentery, infectious mononucleosis, borreliosis, ...)
     Dermatology: strengthens skin regeneration, helps remove the allergic effects of cosmetics, solves skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, allergies)
     Oncology: helps eliminate the consequences of radio and chemo therapy, accelerates the body's recovery
     Gynecology: inflammatory diseases, possibly postpartum complications
     Reconstructive surgery: helps to detoxify the body during the treatment of burns

Detoxification of the body using the Sanogel sorbent is a far more effective method than the preparations used so far (e.g. carbon sorbent, aerosil, fibers, etc.)


     the detoxification peel lasts 2 weeks
     it is not absorbed, therefore there are no side effects
     absorbs all products of incomplete metabolism
     it can be combined with all kinds of drugs, multiplying their effect
     compared to similar products is measurable
     does not cause addiction even with long-term use

causes constipation when there is a lack of fluids (constipation disappears after replenishment of fluids).


Methylsilicic acid hydrogel

Recommended dosage

Drink a full teaspoon of the gel with 2 dl of liquid or mix the gel in it and drink the solution an hour before or 2 hours after food or medication. Take twice a day for the duration of the cleansing treatment. Patients with chronic problems (diarrhea) are recommended to use 3 times a day until the problems disappear.

Follow the drinking regime!


500 ml

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)
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